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Statistics on trademark applications submitted to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office.

  • How many trademarks are in force?
  • What goods and services do most applications cover ?
  • What is the average processing time for applications?


Key figures for trademarks

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249,145 Number of trademarks in force Total number of trademarks in force (has status granted).
9,004 applications pending Number of trademark applications under examinatiion. Applies to national applications and international applications designating Norway.
90.2% of all applications are granted Shows the percentage of all trademark applications that are granted (applies to national and international cases over the last 10 years).
9 is the Nice class with most applications
The Nice class with the highest number of cases last 10 years.
8.0 months average processing time last 12 months Average time for registration last 12 months. Several letters could have been sent from NIPO to the applicant before registration.

Number of trademarks available in the search service

This graph shows the total number of rights available in the database, both in force and expired. The figure includes responsibility marks. *

Number of new applications so far this year

This graph shows a comparison of how many applications has been received throughout the year over the last years. The figure includes responsibility marks*.

Number of trademarks in force

This graph shows how many rights that are in force (granted/registered). The figure includes responsibility marks.

Supplementary page information

Data coverage: All trademark applications and granted trademarks over the last 10 years, both national applications and international applications where Norway has been designated. Responsibility marks are, as a main rule, not part of the data coverage. The data are updated daily.
*For international applications only cases where complete information is received from WIPO is counted. The figures for the lasts months may therefor change.