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Statistics on design applications submbitted to the Norwegian Industrial Property from all over the world.

  • Which part of the world do most applications come from?
  • What year did we receive the most applications?


Key figures for all applications

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-32.5% reduction in number of applications last 12 months Increase/decrease in number of design applications last 12 months compared with same period last year.
94 applications pending Number of design applications that are pending (under consideration). Applies to national applications and international applications designating Norway.
12,819 designs in force Total number of design cases in force (status granted). Applies to national and international cases.
96.6% of all applications are approved Shows the percentage of all applications that are granted (applies to national and international cases over the last 10 years).
12 is the Locarno class with most applications Locarno-class with most Norwegian applications. Class description: Means of transport or hoisting

Number of design applications

The graph shows the number of applications filed each year. This year shows applications to date*.

Applications per month last 5 years

Shows all design applications received last 5 years grouped by the month they were filed. Includes national- and international cases*.

Applications from different regions

Number of design applications from selected regions. One case with multiple applicants can be counted in more that one region.

Number of registered design cases

The graph shows the number of design cases granted each year. One case may hold several designs. This year shows registrations to date.

Applications per Locarno class


The graph to the left The graph above shows how many applications that have been received for each Locarno class the selected year. To see more information about one specific Locarno class or details for several years, click on the class number / column you are interested in.

Applications filed for class

This graph shows the number of design applications for one Locarno class. To choose another class, please click on the relevant class number /graph bar.

What is the content in the class?

Class description

Supplementary page information

Data coverage: All design applications and granted designs over the last 10 years, both national applications and international applications where Norway has been designated. The data are updated daily.
*For international applications only cases where complete information is received from WIPO is counted. The figures for the lasts months may therefor change.